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On Apr/22nd, Hana passed away.   Thank you for caring Hana.

Featuring Black Labrador, Hana, 15 years old, female, and labrador related goods
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Black Labrador, Hana, current photos (1/25/'10 updated)

Old photos

Labrador Retriever Goods
Black Lab, Hana, 12years(01/01/'08 updated)
'Happy Holidays' from Hana
Hana's recent photo (07/10/06 updated)
We went to 'Santa Paws'.  Hana became a reindeer  (11/06/04)
Does Hana look like a reindeer?  (11/06/04)
Here comes another labrador  (11/06/04)
This black lab is a working dog  (11/06/04)
They are taking a picture with Santa  (11/06/04)
Happy Holidays, from Hana  (11/06/04)
'Hana, what are you looking for?'  (10/03/04)
She is looking for this  (10/03/04)

(09/26/04 updated)
Our Vet takes Hana very well.  She got good treat from him, food, medicine and examination.
With that treat, she is acting very well, except for eating.  Well, since Labrador is known as
a smart one, Hana now is able to eat by herself.  Please take a look how she can eat liquid
food by herself.   The only issue is that we need to keep her in upright position after eating.
That's little hussle since she is 60lbs girl, like 7-8 year 2-leg girl.
Old photos
old photos(09/18/04 updated)
NOTE: big file(broadband only) Hana is eating like this (movie)  (09/26/04)
quick time moview.  You need to have Apple's quick time.

Unfortunately, Hana got very strange disease, megaesophagus.  Somehow, the esophagus is getting bigger,
and that makes her very difficult to swallow any food to stomach.

When that occurred, she vomitted a lot, and could not get any food, and coughed a lot.  The first two
nights, we could not sleep at all, because we did not know when she vomitted and she kept couphing.
Since we did notknow what caused that, there was nothing we could do other than bringing her to a vet.

He examed her from several possibility, and found out that her esophagus got expanded, and could not
shrink.  That was the reason why food is stuck in there, and could not get to the stomach.  And, because
of that gastric juice return to esophagus, and made her cough.

The vet told us that there was not way to cure this completely, since esophagus is very sensitive organ,
operation could cause other side effect.  The worst case is that he need to put tube into her stomach
directly from outside to feed her.

As you see, feeding is the problem for this, since she is four legs.  Human beings are ok, because we
are able to eat upright, but she is not.  The way to feed her now becomes like one to a baby.  Put food
on a table, put her in standing by 2 feet posiion, and let her paws on table, and let her eat, like we do at
a bar.  After that, put her in sitting on her butt position, and keep her for a while, until food gets
into stomach.

Luckily, her condition is getting better, and prescribed drug puts her better condition, and she
is a very good girl who is able to learn to eat from a table quickly.  Other than feeding, we are able to
live with her in very usual way.  However, since there is no way to care this, she needs to do these
things until she does not need to take any food any more..

Please take a look how we are feeding her.
Labrador, especially 'Black Lab', goods(09/18/04 updated)
Labrador Link (8/31/99)
Hana is eating without paying any attention for anything else (09/26/04)
See, Hana is standing and eating (09/26/04)
Labrador, especially 'Black Lab', goods(09/18/04 updated)
Updated on 12/12/'06, Hana turns her 11th birthday.    Hana's Diary
Updated on 12/12/'06, Happy Holiday's from Hana.    Hana's Diary
Hana becomes a reindeer, again (12/12/06 updated)
Hana becomes a reindeer, 2      (12/12/06 updated)
Hana becomes a reindeer, 3      (12/12/06 updated)
Black Labrador, X'mas tree      (12/12/06 updated)
Black Labrador, X'mas tree 2    (12/12/06 updated)
Black Labrador, X'mas tree 3    (12/12/06 updated)
Black Labrador, X'mas tree 4    (12/12/06 updated)
Black Labrador, X'mas tree 5    (12/12/06 updated)
Black Labrador, X'mas tree 6    (12/12/06 updated)
Updated on 1/9/'07, Hana spends 1 year in Japan.    Hana's Diary
Hana with 'Hana (means flower in Japanese)  (04/08/07 updated)
Hana with 'Hana (means flower in Japanese)2  (04/08/07 updated)
Hana with 'Hana (means flower in Japanese)3  (04/08/07 updated)
Hana is seeing outside  (04/08/07 updated)
Hana with cherry blossom  (04/08/07 updated)
Updated daily,  Hana's Diary in Japanese  
at least you can see some photos of Hana, daily update on that blog.  Enjoy       
Happy New Year!!!!   2008    updated 01/01/'08      
Happy New Year!!     Hana with traditional Japanese Mochi  (01/01/08 updated)
Happy New Year!!     Artistic writing?? by Hana  (01/01/08 updated)
Happy New Year!!     2008 is year of mouse   (01/01/08 updated)
Happy New Year!!     Hana with a gift from her friend   (01/01/08 updated)
Black Lab, Hana, 15years(12/12/'10 updated)
  Hana turns 15years old, today.   Happy 15th Birthday, Hana!!
Summer has come  2008    updated 07/04/'08
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Hana's Diary
Dad brought back this box.  What is this?  (07/04/08 updated)
Here it is.  This is automated floor cleaner  (07/04/08 updated)
Hana is looking for that.  'What is it?'  (07/04/08 updated)
'Ah, it's coming'  (07/04/08 updated)
'It's moving'  (07/04/08 updated)
'It's going away'  (07/04/08 updated)
'No, it's coming, go away!!  (07/04/08 updated)
Hana turns 13 years old    updated 12/12/'08
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Hana's Diary
13 years old, black lab, Hana  (12/14/08 updated)
Hana turns 14 years old    updated 1/25/'10
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14-year-old   (1/25/'10 updated)
Hana turns 15 years old    updated 12/12/'10
Happy 15th Birthday, Hana!!!!    add new photos   
15-year-old   (12/12/'10 updated)
15-year-old   (12/12/'10 updated)