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'Good Old Days' of Hana
(Updated on 07/04/'08)
Hana's First shot! She is just 7 weeks.
Same day, this is your home, Hana
On patio. Look at this cute dog (6 weeks).
On patio (6 weeks).
It was the first time to have a leash. (7 weeks).
Getting little bit bigger (8 weeks).
'Watch me!' (8 weeks).
This is a dog. (8 weeks).
Hana likes rawhide bone (9 weeks).
'Oh, what a shame' (10 weeks).
This is the first time to go for walk. (3 months).
Hana sleeps like this. (3-1/2 months)
Visit 'Tehachapi loop' with Dad and Mam. (3-1/2 months)
'What a shiny dog, you are!' (3-1/2 months)
'My bed is getting smaller' (5 months)
'I love rawhide bone' (5 months)
You are able to catch a dog like this (6 months).
'I said, my bed is getting smaller' (10 months).
'I am tired...' (11 months).
'Do you call me' (1 year)
Sleeping on a dog shape slipper (1 year)
'Wait!' (1 year).
'Dog Bell'. Look at this depressed face (1 year 1 month).
Dog Mat with Dog (1 year 2 months)
Looking outside (1 year 3 months)
'I like flying disk!' (1 year 5 months).
Wow, you look like 'Little Red Riding Hood' (2 year)
No! You are a Wolf! (2 year)
'Do you want to take this ball?' (2 year)
'Here, I have a white friend, Chibi-chan' (2 year)
'Hello' (3 year)
'Hello' from Japanese Kotatsu(foot warmer) (3 year)
Wmmm. What kind of animal you are?? (3 year and 6 month)
Wmmm. What kind of animal you are(2)?? (3 year and 6 month)
Hana love a toy from 'Dog Cafe' in Japan (3 year and 6 month)
Look at this face!; She is very happy on a boat (3 year and 6 month)
Hana is jumping in a lake (3 year and 6 month)
Hana is swimming in a lake (3 year and 6 month)
What a good swimmer she is!
Hana is coming toward to me by swimming (3 year and 6 month)
She is holding a stick. As you know, Labrador likes to bring this kind
of object.
Are you able to find where she is? (4 year)
Black lab on a Rug of Black Lab. (4 year)
"Would you give me something?"
Wet dog
Wet dog 2
Look! What a dangerous one!
"I'm dancing!"
"I hate this crown"
Swiming and retrieving. Lab's major tasks.
"Look! Something is inside of pool"
What do you say if Hana is waiting at the top of stairs?
What about this? Is it really a dog??
Yes, it is!
Great Pampkin, Hana! (10/27/01)
Hana is waiting for going out (10/27/01)
Merry X'mas, from Hana (01/15/02)
Hana with 'Hana' (means flower in Japanese) (01/15/02)
Hana with a black lab goods, CRT creaner (01/15/02)
"Does anybody call me?" (01/15/02)
If you put something on her head... (01/15/02)
She is gentle, but depressed.
New art by Hana (04/29/02)
'What are you doing, Hana?' 'Well, I'm picking a small peaces of dog cockie' (04/29/02)
When you are walking with Hana, you see Hana like this. (05/06/02)
"Watch me!" (05/17/02)
Hana is still energetic when playing with a tennis ball (05/17/02)
She is waiting for you throwing a ball (05/17/02)
"Wanna take that ball? No, you can not!" (05/17/02)
Hana is waiting for walking. (05/17/02)
Now, she is walking with you. (05/17/02)
After walking, needs to sleep like this. (05/17/02)
"Ah, sleepy!" (05/17/02)
"Found something in patio?" (05/17/02)
"What are you looking for?" (05/17/02)
"What do you have in your mouth, Hana?" "I have a magic leaf!" (05/26/02)
"Hana had a skin surgery" (05/26/02)
Oh, poor Hana... (close up) (05/26/02)
Visit a dog park in Novato, north of San Francisco (05/27/02)
Playing with other dogs. (05/27/02)
Wondering around that dog park. (05/27/02)
"Getting tired!" (05/27/02)
After surgery. (06/09/02)
Hana's X'mas photo (02/16/03 new)
Hana's X'mas photo (02/16/03 new)
X'mas shot with X'mas tree (02/16/03 new)
Another X'mas shot (02/16/03 new)
Is Hana able to become a reindeer? (02/16/03 new)
Hana with Santa (02/16/03 new)
What is this? Hana is biting tooth cleaner. (02/16/03 new)
Hana is wait for eating liquid feed on the table (09/26/04)
With 'OK', Hana starts eating by herself  (09/26/04)
Hana does not care liquid food or solid food.   (09/26/04)
'Good girl', eat by herself  (09/26/04)
This is the way to eat (09/18/04)
Eat like a baby (09/18/04)